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Crystal Stark is an extremely talented vocalist with a captivating stage presence. Whether she's singing jazz, soul, R&B, or an inspirational number, Crystal adds a personal touch to each song. The result is a vibrant and uplifting performance that stays with you. Crystal is constantly giving of her talents to our community. We are proud to have Crystal as part of our Tucson music scene.
Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of Tucson

Crystal Stark has graced the Fox Tucson stage on numerous occasions, and always puts on a great show! Crystal is talented, beautiful, and has great stage presence: what more could you ask for from a performer? Can't recommend her highly enough...
Craig Sumberg, Executive Director, Fox Tucson Theatre Foundation

With a smile as big and as bright as the soul that it is attached to, Crystal Stark lights up any stage with an earnest kindness overflowing with unmeasured talent. Crystal is one of the hardest working and most disciplined artists I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside. It is not only what she brings in performance, but the attention to detail in preparation before she steps foot on stage, that makes her a true professional. Everything from the musical charts, to the rehearsal process, to the outfits, to the banter on stage – no detail is too small or insignificant. I always look forward to the next time I have the pleasure of working with this lady. She’s something special.
Khris Dodge, CEO Khris Dodge Productions

I fell for Crystal as soon as I met her. Then I heard her sing and realized I was in the presence of a star. I admire her performances of course, but even better I recognize Crystal as a good person, strong teacher and all-around hottie. I am a FAN.
Bobby Rich, Radio DJ 94.9 MIXfm/KMXZ, Director Community Partnerships Scripps Media Tucson

The amazing and thrilling voice of Crystal voice is distinctive, soulful and unforgettable. Throw in a killer smile and a sweet and sassy vibe and you have a star. Crystal's range and depth are simply astonishing. Elegant, saucy, funny and sassy Crystal is without question a supreme musical virtuoso. And that's the stark truth.
David Wayne Fitzsimmons, Editorial Cartoonist, AZ Daily Star

Whether she’s performing in front of thousands in a theatre or in a small nightclub, Crystal Stark’s performances have an intimate feel. There is an undeniable connection between Crystal and every member of her audience. Her stage presence, her dazzling smile and that incredible voice bring joy to everyone in attendance. I swear her folks must have had a premonition when they named her because Crystal sparkles.
Elliot Glicksman, Lawyer, Philanthropist, Comedian