Voice & Piano Lessons

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VOICE I welcome singers of all ages (starting at age 8), singing styles, and levels of ability. I encourage my students to perfect their natural talent in the most healthy and effective fashion. Using the core values of classical training, I teach correct singing posture, diaphragmatic breathing, vowel shape/placement, vocal agility, and diction. Students are given exercises in each lesson to reinforce and master these techniques.

PIANO I primarily teach beginning and intermediate piano students. I begin teaching students as young as age 5, and I firmly believe you are never too old to start learning the piano! Students are encouraged to have either a piano or weighted keyboard at home to practice with. I teach with a Kawai upright piano in my studio, and I use the Alfred’s piano teaching series as well as supplemental sheet music to facilitate well-rounded techniques.

THEORY I offer comprehensive theory, sight-singing, and ear-training courses for those who are interested in expanding or enhancing their musical knowledge. I use the Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory curriculum as well as personally crafted worksheets and exercises to help you gain the musical understanding you desire. Whether you’re sharpening your songwriting skills or preparing for regionals/all-state, one-on-one lessons are the perfect way to quickly reach your musical goals.

AUDITION PREP If you are preparing for an important solo or audition, it is a good idea to get a professional opinion. I will listen to your audition piece to assess its viability for your upcoming performance. We will cover how to introduce yourself, stage presence, vocal tone, diction, and audition do’s and don’ts to make sure you feel prepared for your performance.

What you can expect in a typical lesson:

  • 5 Minutes of physical stretching
  • 10-20 Minutes of Vocal Warm-ups and breathing exercises
  • 15-30 Minutes working on repertoire (songs)
  • 5-15 minutes of warm-ups and scales
  • 10-15 minutes reviewing homework
  • 10-30 minutes learning new repertoire (songs)
  • Students receive a summary and a grade for each lesson.
Theory / Sight Singing
  • Review of previously learned knowledge
  • Introduction to new skills and concepts
  • Ear-training and guided practice
  • Homework Assignments, Quizzes and Tests
Audition Prep
  • 10-15 minutes Vocal Warm -Up
  • 5-10 minutes Listening to audition piece
  • 20 – 30 minutes fine tuning problem areas
  • 10-20 minutes practical audition techniques
**Audition Prep Lessons need to be at least 45 – 60 minutes in length**


Musical Styles Taught: Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B
Education: Bachelor of Music in Vocal Music Education, University of Arizona
Memberships/ Affiliations: National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)
Studio Location: Golf Links & Pantano

Rates: $30/half-hour $45/forty-five minutes $60/hour *discounts given if you pay for 4 lessons in advance!

  • $100 / Four half-hour lessons
  • $160 / Four forty-five minute lessons
  • $200 / Four hour-long lessons
  • It’s like getting one whole lesson free!
  • Please be aware that lesson credits expire after 6 (six) months of purchase.